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I'm a 42 yrs old. I'm the proud father of 3 wonderful kids. I am the fortunate husband of the most precious woman and very much in love with her, and my son grew up twice my size and won't quit picking on me!!!!! We have a dog named Biscuit and a cat named Moons

Monday, May 22, 2006

I feel Great

I feel good today. I could bitch.. but I wont... Its just one of those days. All of our roses are in bloom and they look amazing. We joined a gym and we look good too. I dont know what is better. The roses being so bright.. or the changes I see in me and my wife. WoooolHOooo Life is good today. My son is playing drums again. It sounded so good to hear his interests come back again. Even the cat and he dog are good. wow... maybe this sounds a little weird.. but when ya have a day that you arent bitching about something.... Its so few and far between that there are no problems. I just wanted to remember it. Maybe when I have a day that isnt so great I can come back here and reflect in today...

Tuesday, May 09, 2006


This is my first experience blogging. I can not think of too much to say. My life is good, my life is great, now that there have been a few changes in it. Having my wife and family back means the world to me. You see, I have been mindless for a few years. Four to be exact. My wife and I separated, and now we are working on a great reconcilliation. We both actually took a walk down some very dark roads to say the least. I got mixed up with drugs, booze and didnt know which end was up. I didnt have my soul mate with me. Not to mention, I didnt know who or what I was. She found me in my darkness and brought me back to the light to speak. As I have done her as well. We share a common bond that has brought us both full circle. Now I have my life back with out any of the darkness or pain and suffering I forced myself and her to endure. Not having your wife beside you is painful and heartbreaking. She isnt just my life, she is my world. Without Le'etta {my babedoll} beside me I didnt exist. I was empty inside. I did things, of which, I am ashamed, and would like to forget. I will never forgive myself for not talking to her. I will never forget that I didnt try to solve our problems before I left. I have done many things of which I am regretful, and applogetic. My ulitmate wish would be to totaly erase that last four years. To wipe away the pain and sorrow that we both have suffered. Now all I waant is for us to be the happiest that we both can manage to be. We are working on it and it is working. Click the link to our home page and see for yourself. Pictures dont lie. Thats it for now... Back with an update.. stay tuned! Same bat time.... same bat channel......